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Who am I?

I am a woman, born in Sweden, who loves to travel, explore and write - a lot. My two main passions is 1) understanding more about people, culture and life styles in a true Sociology fashion (I have a Ph D in Sociology) and 2) deepen my own insights and understandings about our miraculous inner life which include for instance quantum-field-philosophy, transformational meditations & inner journeys and intuitive life in flow & peak performance.

This Substack contains mostly texts and insights concerning my 1st passion. To read more about my 2nd passion, please visit Sophia’s Expressions of Love here.

I also have a website here, please visit soon.

Latest book: Spiritual Social Activism on Amazon

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How do we get out of the matrix?


Sophia Lovgren

Hey, I am Sophia and you can find me at www.sophialovgren.com. Top 5 "I am" would be writer and author, PH D, God's sparkle, spiritual and physical traveller.